Company is a research company in the public sector.

Our customer decided to change provider for the provision of company-wide UHD services and selected evocenta in a tendering process. The diversity of the research company’s research areas and their content requires the use of a complex system and application landscape. This must be managed in compliance with strict security regulations. The specific requirements of the research company’s institutes must be taken into account and complied with when providing user help desk services.

An operational IT service center was set up specifically for the customer. The customer’s various research institutes represent separate organizational units. The heterogeneity of the customer’s organization is reflected in the ticket processing and requires the deployment of highly qualified employees as well as efficient and continuous quality and knowledge management. This, in conjunction with the tried and tested BOC standard processes established in the Business Operation Center (BOC), leads to a high quality of service provision.

Compliance with the required service level agreements with high quality in ticket processing. Furthermore, improvements are achieved in particular in the areas of friendliness, competence and speed in processing inquiries and increasing the first solution rate. As a result, the services are provided with a high level of customer satisfaction

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