Project Description



A market-leading company in machinery and plant engineering for tobacco processing and cigarette production.



The increasing globalization of the business, significant organic growth, continuously rising IT demands from business areas and departments, and the growing complexity of IT solutions have led to growing challenges for the company’s IT. As part of a corporate-wide transformation program, a corporate-wide IT organization and uniform governance structures are to be established. Outsourcing of IT services is not planned.



  • Establishment and temporary operation of a new IT platform to which existing systems/applications of the group are to be migrated.
  • Creation of a concept and implementation plan for the transition and transformation of IT services into the new corporate IT organization.
  • Handover of IT services to the customer’s responsibility after migration.
  • Integration of different wide area networks (WAN) into a unified communication network.
  • Assistance to the customer in selecting a professional service provider.
  • Comprehensive support and advice from our experts with extensive market knowledge and experience.
  • Application of a mature approach model as well as proven templates and templates.



  • Establishment and stabilization of operations of a harmonized IT infrastructure and global service center by an internationally operating IT service provider.
  • Transition of corporate applications to the new central platform.
  • Preparation for the transfer of IT operations to the customer’s responsibility.
  • Consolidation of distributed telecommunication structures into a modern Software-Defined-Network (SDN) and SLA-supported operation by a professional internationally operating telecommunication service provider.
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